Author’s Brand Video

Author’s brand video is the right marketing strategy for you to reach your target audience of book enthusiasts, like book stores and retailers, libraries, traditional media, literary agencies, and the entertainment industry.

Our Book Marketing video are straight to the point, visualizing videos that captivate readers through its use of simplicity at its finest. This project is for authors who want their book to provide a visual glimpse into their masterpiece’s subject matter and highlights.
Fiction, romance, fantasy, nonfiction, children’s, novels, all types of books!

Can be used on different social media platform (YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, Pinterest, etc.)
– Royalty free music background and sound effects
– Royalty free video footages
– 24 hours delivery
– Full HD quality
– 100% Author’s Satisfaction Guaranteed

We work only with royalty free video footages, images and music background, so you will not have any problems uploading the video on the internet.