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Physical store and e-commerce site: the symbiosis

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The Jeweler Layout Pack’s 7 elegant layouts, high-quality images, and beautiful illustrations make the layout pack an excellent choice to create a jeweler’s website from scratch. The use of soft colors and elegant font families give visitors a luxurious and refined feeling that perfectly represents the quality that’s expected from a skilled and respectable jeweler.

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Do you have a physical store and are now looking to expand your business on a larger scale? Find out why you might want to consider starting an e-commerce site.

More than 92 billion euros/dollars in sales for e-commerce in 2018. These figures make you dizzy and yet you do not feel concerned.

As a trader, you surely imagine that these numbers only relate to the web giants, that it is of little interest to you and therefore you prefer to focus on your local business.

Yet, you have more to gain than you might imagine from creating a website.

The web: an essential tool for every consumer

Increased visibility
With your store, you are “only” open 40 hours a week: for example Tuesday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and closed between 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m.

Creating an e-commerce site allows you to be open even when your physical store is closed. With a website, your business is open 24/7, that is, 168 hours a week, or 4 times more than your store. Therefore, you can make sales even during the closed hours of your physical store.


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Reduced costs
When you have a physical store, you have to pay your sales staff, your premises, your advertising actions, and all other charges related to your store.

Creating an online sales site allows for substantial savings as transaction costs are reduced and there are fewer intermediaries.

In addition, if you opt for drop shipping (direct delivery) you will not have to pay for storage since this activity, like the delivery, will be provided by your suppliers.

But beware! Opening an online store is not limited to taking into account the price of its creation. You will need to plan for the cost of maintenance, marketing, and communication if you want to market yourself and stand out from your competition (because competition online is fierce).

A personalized relationship
With a website, you can collect data about your prospects and customers through forms. For example, by setting up a newsletter subscription you will obtain the email address and possibly the first and last name of the person who subscribes.

During online sales, you will obtain several information about your customers such as their name, first name, delivery address, and billing address (if different from the previous one). You can even ask them for more personal information such as their birthday. , their hobbies, the number and names of their children… to send them personalized information.

All of this data collected on your e-commerce site is extremely important since it will allow you to implement marketing actions.

Indeed, each month you can send them a newsletter presenting your news or promotions. In addition, you can send them a personalized email based on the actions they take. For example, you can send a follow-up email after cart abandonment, a thank you email after order, or an email to wish them their birthday on D-Day …

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ROI measured quickly
If you install a tracking tool like Google Analytics on your e-commerce site, you will get different information about your traffic and your conversions.

Thanks to Google Analytics, you can track all your visits and sales in real time. In this way, you will obtain extremely precise data: the number of visitors, the purchase route, the number of orders made on weekends, for example … The return on investment is therefore measured precisely and quickly.

In your physical store, it’s hard to count all the people who have bought after walking through your door so quickly.

Offer more products than in-store
In your store, you have a limited sales and/or storage area and therefore the number of products that you display to the public is reduced.

With an online store, you have no limits.

A word of advice: offer products on your online store first before selling them in your store, so you know if they will be successful or not.

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A higher average basket
On average, the average basket on an e-commerce site is higher than that in a physical store. Why? Quite simply, because on the web we are not as in a hurry as in stores, and on most sites, adding products to the basket is done with one click.

In addition, many online stores offer products that are similar or complementary to those the Internet user has viewed or purchased. This is called cross-selling, this sales technique is ideal for increasing sales.

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